We Bet You Can’t Get Enough Of These Tips From Overwatch Myths Episode 5


Blizzard’s newest shooter Overwatch is a deep beast with a lot of ins-and-outs and nifty tricks, so you better study up on these tips before your next match.


After learning how Genji can deflect Zarya’s ultimate or how to use Junket to trap Mei while she is using cry-freeze, check out Defend the House’s


other videos on Fallout 4, Dark Souls III, The Division.



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For more on Overwatch, you can check out our review, and find out which characters our staff gravitate toward here. Also watch Episode’s One, Two, and Three of Overwatch Myths for more tips.


Sonic Team Is Hard At Work On New Sonic Game


Along with the celebration of Sonic’s 25 years of gaming service, a recent interview with Famitsu (translated by Soah City) suggested that Sonic Team is in the midst of development on a new Sonic game. We reached out to Sega for further details, and learned that not only is the new Sonic Team-crafted game in the works, but we should get more details about the project at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.


Check out our review for 2014’s Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric to find out why Sonic Team has an uphill battle in its quest to reinvigorate the franchise. 


[Source: Famitsu via Soah City]




Our Take


Sonic has had a shaky history in recent years, but it’s heartening to hear that the core creative team is hoping to right the ship with a new entry. 



NHL 17 Celebrates Cover Star With Beta & Gameplay Trailer


As the NHL celebrates its season award recipients and announcement that Las Vegas is getting a franchise, NHL 17 has its own fanfare. St. Louis Blues forward Vladimir Tarasenko has been named the game’s cover star after a fan vote, and even if you didn’t vote for him, there’s still something you can look forward to.


Tarasenko won the contest, which featured over six million votes, but perhaps more importantly, the beta – which runs from July 28 through August 4 – features three of the title’s game modes: Online Versus, EASHL, and Hockey Ultimate Team. Sign up for the beta starts now and stops on the end of day on July 7.


The beta lets you customize your team and arena, but it’s unknown if you’ll get to carry over these creations into the final game.


Head over here to sign up for the beta (it’s on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and a chance to get early access to the beta.


For more of our thoughts on NHL 17’s gameplay from E3, check out the latest entry of the Sports Desk as well as these previous impressions. Also take a look at the game’s announced features so far.


NHL 17 comes out for the PS4 and Xbox One on September 13.


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